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The Myprotein™ Sports Nutrition brand has a range of over 2500 products. We have carefully sorted them out for you in categories based on your type of business.

Gyms & Supplement Stores

Fuel your clients’ muscle-building or fat burnings workouts with the top brand in the sports nutrition industry.


High Protein Foods and Ingredients which can be used in our everyday lives to support a healthy and active lifestyle.


Our tablet and capsule range offers high-quality vitamins, and supplements to support a healthy lifestyle.

Organic/Health Food Stores

Made from natural, whole food ingredients carefully formulated to pack a punch.


The Vegan range has been specially created for anyone looking for vegan-friendly foods and supplements to help achieve all kinds of health and fitness goals.

Smoothie Bars & Cafes

Protein shakes/smoothies are becoming an increasingly popular way of getting more protein into your everyday diet.

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Be among the first resellers in the country to carry these amazing products. Whether you own a gym, a health food store or you’re looking to diversify and expand your company’s product offerings, Myprotein has something for everyone.

What makes MYPROTEIN so different

Ensuring that only the best quality product, which have undergone scrutiny at the highest level is put into our bodies is something the Myprotein customer truly understands and appreciates, and the brand goes to great lengths to  ensure that this type of customer is not disappointed. The mantra ‘the best quality at the best value’ is integral to how the company operates as the video linked below will further explain. 

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See what our regular customers have to say about the brand and their experience using it’s products so far

Base Fitness has become my go-to for fitness nutrition products and gear. The website is super convenient and easy to use, with a wide selection and the delivery service really makes the overall experience a pleasure. The Myprotein products that I’ve used have all been very high quality, and the whey proteins come in flavours that are hard to find anywhere else on the island (and they seriously taste so great). I emphatically recommend Base Fitness to everyone in Barbados who has an interest in their health and nutrition but can’t always find enough time to physically shop around the island for the products they need. It’s a gem!

Alicia Scott

As a student you live on a strict budget; fitness being a part of your lifestyle can be expensive. When I found Base Fitness and saw what they offered, for me that meant saving dollars. Imagine the contentment! The products are reasonably priced and effective. I have been using Myprotein (Impact Whey Protein) for a year now and I’ve seen good results. The customer service is exceptional, I am yet to be disappointed!

Marlyn Laville

Law Student, UWI Cavehill

Hands down Myrotein’s brand of whey isolate is far above a lot of other companies out there on the market. They boast a wide range of flavours, whilst still maintaining a very high-quality protein supplement. I’ve experienced absolutely no bloating with this product, it mixes easily, which is great if you don’t have a blender available. This will be a mainstay in my nutritional plan for some time to come.

Ramon Broomes

Bodybuilder, Trainer

I tried MyProtein while recovering from an injury I had and what I loved most is how quickly I recovered! It tastes great, much better than other vegan products I’ve tried and keeping up with my workouts, I have seen the results!

Marcus King


We look forward to hearing from you! Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions, or if you wish to discuss the possibilities of working together with Base Fitness and the Myprotein Brand.